Working with MidiPlayer

  • I've successfully implemented the MIDIPlayer into one of my projects, I want to use it for demoing the plugin, so the user would be able to chose from a couple of midi files stored in the plug.

    1. Is it possible to make the keyboard in the plugin visually show the keys pressed? (As it is now nothing shows)
      If yes, how do I set it up?

    2. Is it possible to script accelerandos and ritardandos that will follow the midi files? Or is it possible to store tempo changes in the midi files and will the MIDIPlayer follow it?

  • @ulrik how did you do that, I'm trying but can't quite figure it out

  • @Jay this is the code for declaring it and connecting it to my "demobtn", I will expand it so the user will be able to chose from a list of songs....

    //  MidiPlayer  ----------------------------------------------
    const var MIDIPlayer1 = Synth.getMidiProcessor("MIDI Player1");
    const var MIDIPlay = Synth.getMidiPlayer("MIDI Player1");
    const var DemoBtn = Content.getComponent("DemoBtn");
    inline function onDemoBtnControl(component, value)
        if(value == 1)
            MIDIPlay.setFile("{PROJECT_FOLDER}lordamornar.mid", true, true);
        if(value == 0)

  • @ulrik thanks buddy

  • @Jay No problem, you can ignore the line "midi.push(MIDIPlay.getEventList());" it has nothing to do with the code, I just forgot to erase it 🙂

  • There's no support for tempo changes - it's primary use case is playing MIDI loops that sync to the DAW so it just reacts on external tempo changes.

  • Oh and no, you can't show the notes being played on the keyboard for the same reason that it won't show script generated ones - the keyboard shows the MIDI notes coming in, there's no way to display the internal ones.

  • @Christoph-Hart Ok I see, what about my other question "Is it possible to make the keyboard in the plugin visually show the keys pressed?"

  • @Christoph-Hart Sorry, I didn't see that answer 🙂

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