New crash scenarios

  • @Christoph-Hart When opening projects or xml or preset from the day before, or another one from a week or 2, Hise instantly crashes
    I didn't change anything, just relaunched Hise today.
    I tried a reboot but doesn't fix the issue

    Suddenly I succeed in opening a backup from yesterday (1st backup of the day)
    But when selecting a global LFO source in any target module, Hise crashes.

    Also when changing a setting in the global modulator, sometimes the waveform disappears...

    If you want to try my project, I can send it to you

  • I just compiled the last master branch, same issue, so I think it's more project related, but I don't know what to do...

  • Ok so I modified the Xml
    It appears that it was because of the global modulators (well, at least for one project because others do not have global mods)
    I removed them in the xml (LFO, I did not try with something else) and it opens. But when I insert them back, save, and re-open Hise, it crashes...

  • Yes if you can create a minimal example that crashes, I'll take a look.

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