Forum problem. Error: You do not have enough priveleges for this action

  • I keep getting this message today when trying to reply to threads. Sometimes it goes away after starting a new reply. Error: You do not have enough priveleges for this action.

    I'm also seeing other usability problems with the forum software. Anyone else?

  • Apart from the category index off by one bug I don't know of any problems.

    Unfortunately I don't know node.js well enough to dig around in the source code of this forum which is pretty frustrating.

  • A couple of times when replying, the category wasn't selected, and clicking the dropdown wouldn't actually allow the dropdown menu to appear. Other times, the category was selected, but I still got the error message of not having enough priveleges.

    As I was typing this message in Firefox, the compose area was cutoff by the Windows taskbar, and I had to hit F11 to go fullscreen to see the full compose area. I'll have to break this message up...

  • Have you considered other forum sofware? Vanilla forum and Fluxbb are both GPL licensed, lightweight, and seem to work well on other sites.

    I think what is going on is a js issue. Just now when hitting submit I got an error saying that as a new user I can only submit a reply every 120 seconds. I'm using a different browser, and in Firefox I think that I was seeing a generic error message in place of this 120 second error message. But in this browser, the compose area at the bottom of the screen is still being cut off.

  • I haven't had any issues when using Chrome, IE, and Edge on Windows or Chrome on Linux so perhaps it's a browser issue.

  • d.healey, it could be. I have tried Firefox and K-meleon so far. Especially for a browser, I prefer using free software because of privacy issues with browsers by big companies.

  • Have you tried this browser?, I think I might give it a go.

    Btw did you know that Mozilla was affiliated with and almost entirely funded by Google and shared user Firefox data with them and third parties? They currently have a deal with Yahoo.

  • d.healey, I'm not aware of Mozilla sharing user info with Google. Do you have a link for anything about that?

    Midori is not stable here on Windows.

  • I don't think they are still affiliated with Google, not since Chrome was released. -

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