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  • @Christoph-Hart
    Well yeah, KVR has a lot of users, and i would suggest with attitudes like the above, not to post there, eaten alive springs to mind hahaha.
    All i did was ask if it was mandatory, its not, that's cool, also very cool that you will, personally I will not overtly mention HISE, I think it is disrespectful to HISE (My opinion, not trying to tell anybody else what to do) I intend to push HISE through promotion of HISE itself 😉

  • @Win-Conway said in About Rule Tec:

    I intend to push HISE through promotion of HISE itself


  • ...anyway.....back to Rule Tec.....

    I'm intrigued how this "modeling" was done... - clearly the specifics of the model params are Orange's IP so I'm not asking for that, but I cant see where I would start to build a model-based audio processor in HISE, any clues?

  • @Lindon There are many ways to do this.

    One way is circuit modeling (Analog Obsession does it). But it is hard to do with Hise and requires extra C++ work.

    The second way is non linear IR technology (Acoustica Audio does that) and Hise doesn't support that too.

    The third way is measuring (vintage way). In order to do it, you need original machine. The Basically what I did is measuring and recording the original machine's parameter data step by step. (I recoreded a huge data and prepared a big data table for that.) And then I matematically modeled with equations (approx. 2000 interactive equations) to achieve this results. Then tell the Hise how to do that.

  • @orange yeah its that last bit "then tell Hise how to do that" - you did it in javascript? and changed what EQ? Gain?

  • @Lindon Custom C++ module or script FX perhaps...

  • @d-healey nearly everything can be done by adjusting gain (EQ, Volume) and saturation, I have worked with a bunch of well respected developers whose models are just comparitive volume and distortion, but dont for one moment think that is easy, it takes a lot of intricate measurements.

  • @Lindon said in About Rule Tec:

    @orange yeah its that last bit "then tell Hise how to do that" - you did it in javascript? and changed what EQ? Gain?

    @d-healey said in About Rule Tec:

    @Lindon Custom C++ module or script FX perhaps...

    Yeah hybrid solution with Custom C++ module and Hise script fx.

    The hardest thing about Pultec and bunch of other analog hardware is all of the parameters are interactive and non-linear. For example in Pultec, Low Atten knob doesn't react the same if the low boost is there, so that is a total pain for modeling. You can make only individual controls but the plugin won't sound like original machine. Or same with high boost and atten. You need to measure lot's of values, bring them together and make mathematically modeling.

    Hise is capable of much more than what people think. Not only for vsti. Wait for hnode.... @Christoph-Hart

  • @orange What do I have to enable or add in my vst to add the (host automation)?

    Like when you touch a knob in the plugin, the DAW knows what knob it is

  • @Jay
    Adjust this settings in the knob/button that will be automated
    "isPluginParameter": Enabled
    "pluginParameterName": Your parameter name that will be displayed in the daw automation (Gain, freq, treshold....etc)

  • @orange thanks again buddy

  • Bought it. Lovely EQ!

  • @Tod-Slaughter said in About Rule Tec:

    Bought it. Lovely EQ!

    Thanks 😉

  • Just bumping this for two reasons, 1 it is pretty much the nost notable release from HISEin terms of industry coverage and adulation, 2 it shows that HISE is a real powerhouse for effects and we really need that VSTfx (an fx version of the vst to design in) build for developing too.

  • @Win-Conway Yeah definately. People compared this plugin to other major releases in the industry, and even made a blind test for it. Then guess what, people chose Hise made Rule Tec (I am putting UAD version too) 😉 You can see it on Gear Slutz forum. That shows us that Hise is a very very powerful tool.

    I wish @Christoph-Hart could make improvements and remove the issues for fx plugins that was previously mentioned before. Hise is capable of anything but I can uderstand that sometimes be so hard for a one guy development platform.

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