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    I think I might have the same sorts of difficulties in here. I loaded the snippets from the above mentioned thread but none of them seem to be "working properly" from my point of view.

    I'm trying to create a vibrato effect(so - use an LFO on pitch). I want to set a vibrato depth using a slider (so this would set a range - say 1 semi tone) , and then use a CC message to set the actual amount of the LFO being applied but....

    I cant get a combination of LFO and intensity modulation that oscillates around the root note being pressed, it seems additive somehow....so when the CC controller is at 0 the actual output is 1 semitone above the root, and when I add CC values up to 127 it starts to work "properly".

    What am I not understanding?

  • @Lindon There is a problem with intensity which Christoph said in a recent thread he will look into. But for this particular issue there is a work-around, add a constant modulator to the sampler's pitch section with an opposite pitch shift.

    So if your LFO pitch is set to 1 set the constant mods pitch to -1.

  • @d-healey hmm, oKay but that means a small amount of messing about when the users sets this "depth" - I must programmatically set the opposite depth on the constant right?

  • @Lindon I made a little module to do this. You'll just need to edit the names of the modulators to match those in your project. The script assumes you are only using a single LFO, modify as necessary for more modulators. If you have a knob on your interface to control intensity you can link it to the knob in this module.

    const var vibratoPitch = Synth.getModulator("vibratoPitch");
    const var vibratoPitchOffset = Synth.getModulator("vibratoPitchOffset");
    const var knbPitch = Content.addKnob("knbPitch", 0, 0);
    knbPitch.setRange(-0.5, 0.5, 0.01);function onNoteOn()
    function onNoteOff()
    function onController()
    function onTimer()
    function onControl(number, value)

  • well that works - but with some ugly spikes and.... and its not centred around the root note - so set it work with 2 semi tones and you can have root to +2 semitones and back, or root to -2 semitones and back.... but you cant have -1 to +1 or at least I cant work out how to do that. Still that's not really what happens in tremolo or vibrato playing really - but for other LFO based applications its not good news....lets hope this get sorted ...

  • Did you click the little arrow so it's only pointing one way?


  • @d-healey thanks Dave yeah - pretty simple - but I wasn't using a self-built onControl for this slider - and now I have to... hey ho...

  • @Lindon The slider on your interface doesn't need to use onControl though, only the one in the module.

  • @d-healey yeah that point one way thing does nothing about the offset - it just reduces the amount of the shift - which is a bit pointless.

  • @Lindon What about if you play around with the table? I'm sure you should be able to get +-1, I'll have to try it later when I have some time.

  • @d-healey - thats my point I think - there ISNT a slider in my module....I'm just wiring it up in the UI, but its a working work-around for vibrato and tremolo so thats fine for now thanks.

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