Loading Round Robins

  • OK, clearly I'm doing somehtign dumb again.

    I have a sampler and I want it to have 4 round robin groups.

    I create and name my sampler

    Go to the Sampler Settings and set RR Groups to 4

    Set the display group to Group 1

    drag in my samples....

    highlight them all and set them to rr group no 1

    set the display group to group 2

    drag in my samples....

    highlight them all and set the rr group to 2

    now everything has disappeared from group 1

    how do I load samples into round robin groups correctly?

  • I have actually fixed this a few days back (if you're brave enough, check out the development branch) - before all samples where dropped into RR group 1, no matter what group you have displayed.

  • My solution with the non-fixed version of HISE was to drag them all into group one, select each RR in the table view and move them to the correct group.

  • @d-healey oh ok - good work around Dave.

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