Sync several Arpeggiators?

  • I have a Hise project which include 2 samplers. I would like to have an Arpeggiator to play the samples from both samplers, so if I have the Arpeggiator in the first Container before my samplers all is well and it will play both samplers. However, the Arp is not responding to Artificial note off messages, so if I place the Arp in one of the samplers "Midi" lanes it will respond to all my midi scripts I made, which includes a lot of midi on and off messages, great!! But... I want both samplers to be affected by the Arp so I copied the Arpeggiator and pasted it in the other samplers Midi lane, I changed it's name and declared it as "Arpeggiator 2".
    What I want to do now is to sync Arp 2 with Arp 1 so that all my controls in the GUI and all other scripts I wrote for Arp 1 will control Arp 2 in the same way.
    Is it possible to, in an "easy" way to sync them together?
    And if it is, can somebody please hint me in the right direction?

    If it is possible I also have another question, if I set the Arps to not sync to Host tempo, is it possible to have different tempos for each of the Arps?

    Regards Ulrik

  • Why dont you put the samplers into another container, and put one arp in there?

  • @Christoph-Hart Good idea! I don't understand why I have not thought about that 🙂 Brain freeze I guess... thank you Christoph I will try that.

    What about my second question then, lets say I have managed to sync both arps to same controls, the idea to have different tempos and be able to, in real time, change tempos, would it be possible you think?

  • @Christoph-Hart Works great now, thanks!

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