FX plugins and MIDI learn

  • As far as I know FX plugins have no MIDI input, so why is the MIDI learn option available for such plugins? Is there a way to disable this? As I want to avoid confusing my users. Or even better is there a way to make it work? 🙂

  • Maybe (but only maybe) the (somewhere in the not too distant future planned) VST 3 support might give fX plugins also MIDI input but that‘s about as speculative as it can get 😉

    In the meantime I‘ll deactivate MIDI learn.

  • VST2 plugins have MIDI input too, maybe its worth HISE builders having a play with Synthmaker or Synthedit so that they can see what is exposed to the builder in general ?

  • maybe just renaming the function by "CC" learn than "midi" learn.

    Most of time this function is used to control via CC (keyboard controllers has CC buttons and/or knob - as my UMX-610) but it's controlled via MIDI out/IN.

    that's why...

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