After change graphics...

  • I'm not sure it's a bug, probably it's my fault... after I changed some images with other ones and so replaced in the fileName field everything works fine inside Hise and the exporting action works fine too, but when I load the plugin or the standalone compiled I see old image and with that error alert:

    Do I delete ImageResources.dat in the PooledResources folder or what?

  • Well, I found that ImageResources.dat file is not automatically overwritten after changes are made in the graphics, so it's necessary to delete it in order to be regenerated with the replaced graphics. Of course, it would be nice if Hise regenerated the file automatically. 😉

  • There‘s an option to export the image pool everytime you click export in HISE.

  • @Christoph-Hart Thank you, now all the graphics work but one. It's like this image get the alpha value set to 0 after compilation...

  • I've changed the image and now everything works good... weird thing... I checked the image and it looks perfectly normal 🤔

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