• From the top of my head (with decrasing importance):

    • all ScriptPanel callbacks that accept a function as parameter. Check the autocomplete popup for this.
    • the custom callback for a UI component (you can create these already with the context menu of a UI component, but still useful for a more Sublime focused workflow)
    • script definitions (for both modules and UI components).
    • the ScriptPanel.setPopupData / FloatingTile.setContent methods which take a JSON object as argument (You can already add the default FloatingTile properties like Type and ColourData).

  • Christoph, thanks!



    • namespaces
    • locals
    • snippets:
      • callbacks mandatory
      • callback of control
      • include
    • setting "hise_supress_completions": false
    • Math, Array, String objects now parsed from source


    • Now syntax is copy of standart Javascript with additions to native scopes, not just added scopes.

  • hey levitanus,

    I tried to install your HISEScript Package but couldn't find the HISEScript entry in the syntax view, after making sure that the HISE path was set up right.

    btw: renaming the package-folder to HISEScriptand mentioning the specific Package Settings > HISEScript > Settings - User could also help the user in the install procedure.

    Thanks a lot for this project! Looking forward to using it.
    best, d

  • @dominik-mayer 0_1543425497540_hisescrit location.gif
    Pity, but now I can't tell more. Will try to install it from the laptop at morning and, maybe on ubuntu.
    I think it can be, from one hand too high in the folder structure, or too low. But maybe other problems. Maybe, something wrong with paths, getting by the script. But, generally, the syntax has to appear just with pasting it in the right place...

  • @dominik-mayer said in HISEScript-Sublime:

    package-folder to HISEScript

    Generally, it has to be. But I afraid of other repositories with the same name. So... I hope, when I get to package control, it will be much easier.

    @dominik-mayer said in HISEScript-Sublime:

    Package Settings > HISEScript > Settings - User

    They are mentioned in the install guide on GitHub. Or not quite? ))

  • 12 days waiting of review to package control...
    Anyone has posted packages there yet? How long does it take?

    Still, have not touch any Prettier script to adopt for using with HISE syntax... Too much of proprietary work... Hope... Hope, there will be a couple of months to do what I endeavor.

  • Wish I was advanced enough to give it a try

  • Finally, available via PackageControl:

  • @Levitanus Good work! Now make the same for Atom 😛

  • @Levitanus Gotcha! Thank you 🙂

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