filter and legato with retrigger changes in 2.0.0 (?)

  • installed HISE 2.0

    discovered that "legato with retrigger" that worked before inside synth group doesn't work anymore. Must be placed in global MIDI settings for now. not a problem. But is it normal ?

    Also discovered that there is no poly and mono filter in synth group Fx (and everywhere else) but just "filter" now.

    but funny is that it's written "mono filter" and show the "poly" module icon. 😄
    if a project is ctreated with HISE 1.6 (and before) the installed filter always says "poly filter" 😛

    agian, one more time: Is it normal ?

  • @staiff Christoph mentioned a while ago that the mono filter is redundant as the poly one will automatically switch to mono mode when there is only a mono signal. So I guess in the recent update he removed the mono one entirely since it is no longer useful and renamed the poly one.

  • okay.
    good idea.

    for info i just installed all (VS 2017, compiled HISE 2.0 and installed IPP for VS2017) this morning all all works fine since beggining. Already compiled a project (made backup before) to test. All is fine 😉

    and yes in the project it's written 1.6. but maybe renaming it before compiling HISE will say 2.0 in the final .exe soft 😉

  • I didnt touch the retrigger module so this is unintended. David is right with the filter however I noticed that you still need the monophonic filter for usage in Containers, so I have to either add it back in with a gigantic Ctrl-Z party or change the poly filter to work in Containers too, yay.

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