compiled vst crash in hosts/daw when first scanning ? = my (tedious) solution to fix it !!!

  • as some threads talk about before, i (but not only me) had problems when compiling VST with sampler(s) and had crashes in some daws when first scaning of the plugin.
    Sometimes when fixed in 1 DAW, the rest of the DAWS first scanning this plugin again crashed or freezed.

    i found why: when saving project/exporting plugin with samplemap selectors in it (and so on setup to a samplemap preset) = the plugin try to find the samples that are not installed at the first launch. only after loading it one time the popup windows permitt to install/load sample library.

    so it crash/freeze.

    as said Christoph: there is a function called "clear all samplemaps" before compiling.
    But the problem is: if you scripted the samplemap selector (the script in this forum with the combobox selector): it will always try to load your samplemap and select it at startup. 😞

    THE (tedious) SOLUTION :

    1 - create a preset (for example "init") with all the setup you want to have at startup.
    2- Save your project (both ctrl+s and "save as" to create both .hip and .xml. 2 saved files is better than 1/ no saved if .hip or .xml failed)

    in this case all the time you will open your project in HiSE it will startup/load by default this preset setting.

    3- close HISE.
    4- Find your preset in the project folder (your project/Userpresets/Bank/Category/yourpreset.preset (init.preset here)
    5- Open it with text editor.

    You will find in this preset file a line with your combobox(es) for selecting samplemap(s). you will see that the value shown is A NUMBER !
    01 for the first samplemap in your list/library
    02 for the second
    03 ... Etc. ...

    6- Change this value by: 00.
    7- save your file.
    8- reopen your project in HISE. it will load with the default preset: your preset: Init (in this example).

    and VOILA ! you can see that the combobox has no samplemap loaded. You can also check the sampler module: No samples/samplemap loaded.

    don't forget to always use this preset before compiling !

    9- Compile with this preset as default.

    your plugin does not crash anymore at first launch !

    10 - load compiled plugin in ALL your DAWS. plugin is first launched without samples loaded, infos, etc. ... So it's NOT CRASHING !!!

    You can now set up your plug with the .hr1 installation/loading.

  • @staiff That's a nice work around, I'll give it a try. I had the same issue with an FX plugin but it has no sample maps.

  • A much more simple way is to just add a empty samplemap and use this option as default.

    Nevertheless a framework with emphasis on sampling that crashes when users try to load samples in it is not a permanent solution (so this will be one of the things I'll definitely fix for 2.0). It just happens that every project I worked on had no samples loaded by default.

  • @Christoph: yes empty samplemap works too

    but i love when it's not simple, i prefer when it's complicated 😉 i'm a fool 😄

    Anyway maybe a way to load/create default value (all created in the appadata roaming for windows - i don't know how it works for mac) after the first launch and not while.

    @David: if no samples/samplemap, maybe the same problem: tried to load something based upon one of your script/preset and or settings at startup that is only available after first launch.

  • okayyyyyy
    took time to retreive the thread about crash in DAW (as i participated in, but i don't find it anymore)
    remember that Alexaudio had the same issue in one of his project (confirm this Alex ?)

    so i donwnloaded the project of this freeware and something strange happened when first opening in Hise:
    a popup opened and said:
    "the sample relocation folder does not exist. press ok to choose a new location or cancel to ignore this"

    but this project contains no samples and no sampler module.

    @Alex: it's a freeware; but it seems you added a timer (with gain volume controls) that shut down from 0dB to -100dB each 5 seconds ? like a demo ?
    the .xml didn't work, the hip yes. All is on the script processor (like old HISE 1.0) what version did you use to create your project ?

    vst 64 bit tested: working fine on all my daws (reaper, studio one, etc. ...). not tested the 32bit


    the "color" section is a convolution. But as mentionned on other threads: the IRs are not embedded in the final vst. Maybe the cause for crash ? here no problem with that. but maybe a path to find the problem you have, David.

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