Extreme sample Converter Xfade = hise Xfade ?

  • Hello !
    when using the Xfade function in ESC it smoothering the loop (if some clics are audible the loop Xfade "erase" it - make interpolation beetween start and end loop point)
    text alternatif

    Maize sampler can read this Xfade loop. But not sure in hise ... (?)

    But when using the Xfade loop in hise i ear strange behaviour sound (pop, crackles, jumping loop points) !

    why ?
    is it not the same function ?

  • @staiff Do you get the same issue if you loop the samples directly in HISE, without ESC?

  • didn't try directly in hise, but sometimes rectified some loop start and end (but made before in ESC).

    so, no.

    will try directly in hise.

  • but in fact: is it the same function in hise and ESC ?

  • @staiff What is the sample rate of your samples?

  • 44100 kHz - 16,bits.

    but, sorry, that doesn't answer if the loop Xfade is the same beetween the 2 softs ... (?)

    really thanks to answer me, David, and taking time to, but the question is just this. same or not same (?).

    if yes i make something wrong.

    if no, answer done and question closed.

  • What do you mean the same? If you enable crossfade in HISE, it will create a short buffer that contains a linear fade and uses this instead of the original sample. How the other one works, no idea.

  • okay.
    as you wrote it's not the same thing.

    1- to be concise ESC Xfade is a "make up" to mask the "click and pop" sometimes heared if the loop is not correct. that's happen sometimes when the waveform of an instrument sample can't match same frequency all along the sample, so the start loop and end loop can't match 100%, so a "pop" noise appears, where a perfect loop with matching good similar frequencies beetween start and end loop points doesn't.

    as you can see on my previous gif. the left and right wave (start and end) are not similar. when using the xfadeloop, it will "mix" the both waves to artificialy match and create "fake" similar frequencies and "smoothing" the loop process. no "pop", or pretty close "masked" pop zone by layered frequencies.

    2- i will make a short vid tomorrow to show how the ESC Xfade loop works. and maybe what appened when using the hise xloop for the same function.

    3 - example videos about the crossfade loop (not ESC, but ESC do the same):

    French (from Quebec) but you will understand the concept even you don't understand linguage:

  • my video here:

    ESC xfade loop demonstration (and prove that the xfade loop in hise is not the same function)

    So i have my answer 😉

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