Filter gain modulation query

  • I have a filter with a table envelope set to modulate gain. My understanding is that when the table is at 0 the gain should be at 0 and the effect should be sonically the same as if the filter was bypassed. However I'm finding that the gain modulation seems to be having no effect on the sound. I don't know if this is a bug or if my understanding of the way it's meant to work is incorrect. - After further testing it seems to work with the polyphonic filter just fine.


    Also the polyphonic filter's GUI doesn't update until a note is played - is this correct?

  • Yes the Monophonic Filter is pretty useless when used with an envelope (because a envelope is polyphonic).

    And yes the polyphonic filter updates its display only when a note is played although I admit it is a bit confusing, but I didn't feel the urge yet to do something about it 🙂

    But it actually works like expected for me: Mod value 0.0 -> 0dB, mod value 1.0 -> gain value of knob (works also subtractively:

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    But to be honest I haven't touched the filters for a long time so they might be due for an makeover (they are also rather CPU intensive because I used the standard JUCE filters which are not optimized to be dynamically modulated)

  • Do you think using 8 of them is going to cause me any CPU issues?

  • A ballbark figure is that it takes about twice as much CPU than sample playback with a few modulators.

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