Velocity values

  • Let's said for example I'm doing a drum plug-in, is there any way to match the velocity of the sound to respond to the velocity of the drummer?

    I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to do, something like Superior Drummer or so

  • I am not sure what you mean, I've never used superior drummer. Could you elaborate?

  • In the case of Superior Drummer, You will have to sample a drum at different velocity levels, and then assign them to appropriate zones in the Sampler.
    If the drummer plays softer, it will trigger a softer sample.
    Unless you're talking about playing back a single sample at different volumes based on the velocity of your keyboard/drum pad.... but that's not how SD does it.

  • You need to make something like this. Each drum element should be routed upon the related velocity value. You need to record samples separately: for soft hits with lower velocity, for hard hits with higher velocity.

    NOTE: By the way, Superior Drums have so much samples for each note 🙂 So, more samples means more realistic dynamics on drums 😉

    alt text

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