• I've recently discovered the ease of creating SFZ instruments. I know HISE has support for importing SFZ mappings but could it also be used to playback SFZs (perhaps with a fancy HISE scripted interface)?

  • yeah !
    rich idea !
    of course there is a lot of SFZ player now (sforzando,beat, etc. ...) but none of this has the power of Hise/Juce.

    for making a free/GNU licenced rompler it's a great idea.
    you can:

    • create the rompler and give it with some of your SFZ library (but the users can also read their own SFZ)
    • just create a player/rompler. The user read SFZ he wants.

    An example:
    creating a rompler with the EII feeling/GUI, adding EII library in SFZ, but let the user find on the net other EII library to load with ...

    example two:
    creating a wavetable synth. I mean something like the D-50 (and newer) synths. Put some waveform generators + SFZ player for the wavetable part (not really a wavetable in this case)... Something much like the Korg M1, Wavestation, etc. ...

  • @staiff There are no free SFZ players that support a good range of opcodes. SFZero is probably the best prospect and it is a JUCE module but it only supports very few opcodes and isn't much use for most developers. Linux Sampler apparently supports more opcodes but surprisingly there are no up to date Linux binaries available 😛 so I haven't tested it, also Linux Sampler isn't 100% free.

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