WASAPI Support

  • Could HISE offer WASAPI - shared mode - as an audio driver option? (or is this what Windows Audio is?)

  • To be honest, I never tried anything else than ASIO (with ASIO4ALL you can use it even with crappy onboard sound chips). What's the advantage of WASAPI?

  • I prefer WASAPI because I don't have to have ASIO4ALL installed (my audio interface doesn't have it's own audio drivers) and it has shared mode so I can have multiple audio apps open at once all using the same driver at the same time.

    I just tried the Windows Audio driver setting and the performance seems to be the same as WASAPI and it seems to be shared between multiple apps so maybe this isn't an issue at all :).

  • Alright. Can you set buffer sizes that are power of twos (128, 256, ...)? Windows has this really weird habit of offering buffer sizes like 441 samples which is really terrible for SSE optimizations or FFT routines.

  • Yea I can set weird ones like 441 but it also offers the standard power of 2 ones as well, I have mine at 512 which is working well, I might try lowering it if I notice the latency (10ms).

  • Yes, 256 or even 128 should also be no problem (things get a little bit tight at 64 samples).

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