VST hosting?

  • I suppose it would be a huge feature request, but I looked at this and thought "if only someone would do this for VST hosting"

    But the ideal would be to be both a host and a plugin.... and maybe since there is fairly mature support for hosting within juce, it's not a total pipe dream.

    [aside: on my laptop monitor there is no way to see text below this line on the website (using firefox). I am copying and pasting this from notepad.]

    The obvious existing example is VIP. But I have been designing the ideal host for years. Currently I use Hollyhock, but there are many limitations. I also tried building it in MAX, but I am really tired of visual programming, and as a former java developer, much happier with text files and an IDE. But I feel like building my host directly from juce is a bit over my head. I need a little bootstrapping. Pretty much exactly what you have done here for plugin developers.

    Anyway, something to think about maybe down the line. This seems like a really cool project, and I will keep an eye on it!

  • This is indeed a bit too far off my roadmap. Have you checked out the JUCE plugin host? Maybe it is not too much to do if you start from there.

  • Understood!

    It's quite a bit too much for me now--although I can see where everything I want to do is possible in Juce, and I did get as far as writing a test program..... but that also clarified the magnitude of the task for me, as a rather middling programmer!

  • I might still take advantage of your system and script a midi mixer vst to use in Max, since their JS doesn't run in the high-priority thread.....

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