Copy entire UI

  • What's the best way to copy the main user interface of one project to another project?

  • Uh answered my own question. Right click the script processor and select copy, open the other project and paste it in as a script processor, then fix any discrepancies between the two projects.

  • or just open 1rst project and do "save as" and save in another project folder with new name. maybe need some adjustments in the project setting after that.

    Don't forget to copy/paste all images (and other files needed in the new project) from 1rst project folder to new. the "save as" function just duplicate the project, not the images, samples and audio folder

  • @staiff That's fine for starting a new project but I had already started my second project and didn't want to have to redo the work.

  • the only way, as you wrote, is opening the 1rst project and copy/paste all (on a txt/doc file) and opening new one and paste the parts you want to keep.

    i do this for every projects. just because it's an alternative to save your work if you loose the project and/or having issue with the project itself. Indirect backup.

  • @staiff Ah you misunderstood my post. There is no need to copy to a text file. Just right click on the interface script module and select copy to clipboard, then paste it as a new script in the second project.

  • yes you can also doing that

    copying in an external text file permit you to not opening the 1rst project each time you want to copy something; But only in the case you re-use a lot the same interface script. If just re-using it 1 time your solution is better

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