i need a freelance developer for my plugin

  • hi
    i am music producer and want to make a vsti plugin
    i can handle the sampling and the mapping in HISE but i need a developer for all of the scripting and codding in HISE


  • ...and so it begins...

  • Hahaha me too!
    It's ambitious for people not really used to code, and compared with some others, HISE is far from the simplest VST creator ^^
    So instead (because everyone here is yet very busy with their own code), you should have a look to Maize Sampler 2, very fast and simple to make a sample-based vst, or SynthEdit which is just a paradise of simplicity and unlimited creating tool for everyone, for synth-based VST.
    But at some point you will realize that other editors are not as modular as HISE - since with HISE you code your own things how you want them to be.

    So maybe start with lighter, and then get ready to lose your hair xD
    What's your VST about?

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