randomization feature

  • hello.

    i would like to have a button that randomizes sliders, buttons, comboboxes. how should i do this?
    is it possible to have two states for every slider button and combobox? randomizable( included in randomization) and non randomizable states
    also, can i modulate any parameter like simple reverb parameters or only what you allow in your modulation tabs?


  • @aombk For randomisation use the random() or randInt() functions of the math library. Apply the randomly generated number to the controls as appropriate. You can modulate any of the simple reverb controls from a script, although I'm not sure how efficient that would be.

  • @d-healey so is there an other, efficient way to modulate any parameter?

  • @aombk For some modules like envelopes, EQs, etc. you can add the built in modulators. If it doesn't have the option for using the built in one you either need to write your own module or modulate the parameters through scripting.

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