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    Hello Hise community

    I've made a 3 band frequency splitter fx unit and I'm sharing it with you. You can use it for multiband compresors or other similar multiband fx stuff.
    I've used Bessel Crossover Filter Coefficients for removing frequency cancellation that occurs while frequencies are splitted.
    Cheers 😉 🙂

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    To be continued....
    alt text

  • @remarkablex thank you so much. It's great to see this useful stuff in here...

  • This is awesome mate. Thankyou.

    It's got me thinking now.. (I've not used the routing matrix much yet so please excuse my noob'ness 😂 )...

    ... If I was wanting to make a de-esser for example... how would I route my compressor to only affect the high band?

    I tried adding a compressor and routing it to 7-8 but it still sounds like it's affecting the whole signal.

    Thanks for your help, and thanks for sharing this. I can see it being really useful!

  • Doing a frequency splitter like this is a bit deprecated since scriptnode is around the corner and was created exactly for purposes like this.

    Just setup a network of linkwitz riley filters and apply the compression in the mid band.

    I‘ll add this to the list of examples when I write on the docs of scriptnode.

  • @SteveRiggs Thanks.

    Those were the days that Hise doesn't have any frequency splitter unit solution. And I made it for that purpose.

    But approx. 1,5 years later, at last, thank God, we can use it 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart @remarkablex Thanks

    Do I need to update HISE to find the linkwitz filters? I can't seem to find them.

    I'm still on HISE 1.6.0 at the moment as I have some big projects started that have taken months to build so I've been a bit reluctant to overwrite it with 2.1.0 incase it broke any of my projects and I couldn't roll it back.

    Are there any other breaking changes since 1.6.0 other than the 'save in preset' button being set to false as default now? I did try and check through the log on git hub but not really sure if I missed anything.

    I'm itching to update to 2.1.0 but don't want to break my workflow and progress on my existing projects 😓

  • @SteveRiggs You can always keep your old version of Hise and recompile a new one aside (you don't have to erase the 1.6), so you can backup your projects and try the 2.1 on copies

  • @SteveRiggs I always have previous versions on my desktop 😉
    And even if you don't, you can still recompile any past commit you need...


  • @ustk Ah! Amazing. Didn't realise I could have both versions. That's my mission for today then.

  • @Christoph-Hart @remarkablex

    Just like I was worried about, since installing 2.1.0 and still having 1.6.0 installed, both versions now seem to be broken and not working properly.

    The main HISE interface on both is broken, when I open one of my existing projects that I made in 1.6.0, the component list is empty and the canvas designer is just blank now even when there is an interface built, playing midi notes either doesn't work at all playing no sound, or when it intermittently does, the notes stick and I have to use panic mode to stop them.

    These are the error messages and screenshots...

    Absolutely gutted. Can anyone advise please to get me back to a working state so I can continue with my projects? This has totally killed my workflow today. I only get Sat and Sun to work on HISE stuff and been looking forward to getting some more work done 😧

    Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 16.54.14.png

    Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 16.54.29.png

  • @SteveRiggs

    Don't worry about the interface data being corrupt. That refers to the HISE interface and not your project. The other stuff I'm not sure about but if you're opening a HISE 1.6 project in HISE 2.1 then I expect the newer version of HISE is picking up things in your project that are no longer valid in the new version of HISE. For instance all the old JSON tags stuff in the code editor which I think were still around in v1.6 are not used any more in HISE.

  • Ok, so one thing after the other:

    • the error messages you posted just mean that there is a interface config file that doesn't match the current version, which is normal if you upgrade from an older HISE version. I could rephrase that though and not make it sound like the world is about to end.
    • Are you using JPG images? I remember there was a version in the not to distant past that didn't support JPGs but only PNGs (which is already fixed).
    • the stuck MIDI note / notes not playing problems is also already fixed.

    HISE 2.1.0 is already 8 months old, so I wouldn't bother making it compatible with this version as there have been many fixes since then and you might end up chasing ghosts for the remainder of the weekend.

    So what I would recommend is that you either stick with your working version for the sake of your sanity or try the latest scriptnode branch, which is the bleeding edge - in the latter case, feel free to report any issues as I am trying to close in on a release candidate for HISE 3 during the next 2 months so any type of backwards compatibility issue needs to be addressed until then.

  • @d-healey said in RemarkableX Snippet Kit...:

    For instance all the old JSON tags stuff in the code editor which I think were still around in v1.6 are not used any more in HISE.

    Small correction: they won't get created anymore by the interface designer, but HISE will still read them properly.

  • @d-healey Phew 😂 Cheers guys

    Luckily 1.6.0 is opening my projects properly again and that strange pink bar across the top has disappeared. The layout was all over the place though (I'll work out how to save my layout preferences..)

    @Christoph-Hart Haha, a rephrase could definitely be a good option. I nearly fell out of my chair 😂

    I don't have any jpegs in this one as its just a very raw prototype I started making early hours of this morning testing some stuff out. I have jpegs and png in some others though so I'll watch my step with those.

    I think I'll continue my main existing projects in 1.6 for now then, and maybe install the new scriptnode branch for new builds. Do you install/compile the scriptnode in the same way as a normal HISE release? And do I need to uninstall 2.1.0 first too? (Sorry, I've only done it twice. 1 being today and I broke everything lol)

    The main reason for my wanting to upgrade was so that I can try the linkwitz filters you suggested and attempt to build a DeEsser using a multiband splitter of some sort. Something along the same lines as the original one up the top that @remarkablex made. I assume they are only in the new scriptnode?

  • Well, they won't magically show up in a year old build, that's sure 🙂

    While different versions of HISE can definitely coexist on a system (they just share the interface config file and a few other settings), you're in a world of hurt if you try to compile a plugin with a HISE version that doesn't match the exact source code of HISE.

    What I would recommend is to make yourself familiar with how Git works (you don't need to become a command-line nerd, there are plenty of GUI tools around) and how to build HISE from source, then you can jump back and forth in time as you wish (plus the source code for compiling projects is guaranteed to match the HISE build).

    scriptnode in the same way as a normal HISE release

    Yes, but make sure that you open and resave the Projucer files before building the new HISE version (and likewise if you jump back) because it needs to add a few new modules (otherwise you'll get plenty of errors about missing symbols).

  • @Christoph-Hart

    Ok thanks dude. I just found a crash course in Git and Github on YouTube so I'll check that out and hopefully gain some more knowledge, before I break anything else 😂

  • I would also highly recommend to use Git and a repository for your own project so you can also jump back and forth - HISE was written with version control support in mind - that's why there are so many different files instead of one big monolith chunk like the .nki format.

  • @Christoph-Hart Good idea. Nice one, I'll try it!

  • @Christoph-Hart If I am using Github (gitkraken) for my projects, I don't know about syncing Hise's repo on my end... Is this even possible with no password and no risk of pushing anything? I still don't understand.
    Never found anything about such a possibility so I'm always going online to download manually...

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