Loading samples with written loops

  • Hi!

    What is the best way to load samples into the sampler and still keep the loops written in the files?
    Is there a function to extract and apply the loop points from files that already is imported?

    This is what I've tried:

    Drag and drop in all samples at once, then I get the choices to map them automatic..etc, and I also get the question if I want to apply the loop points data into the map, yes I want that, so it works great, however if I only want to have a couple of more samples in to the sampler to complete the map, I "import" them but I never get this "loop" question.
    So then I tried to complete the map by dragging those last 10 samples into the sampler but every time I try that, all the samples already in the sampler, loose their velocity, range, root note etc and everything is a mess.

    Can anybody shed some light in this matter, it would be much appreciated 'cause I'm about to loose my mind 🙂

  • @ulrik Sounds like it's being a little buggy. I suggest just trying to map all your samples in one go rather than adding samples to an existing map.

    Looking at the latest commits on github I see that Christoph is doing some tinkering in the sample map handling so maybe this will be resolved soon if it is a bug.

  • @d-healey Ok, that sounds interesting, let's see what Christoph is up to.

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