Choosing on the gui which sample to trigger

  • Hello,
    I recently discovered Hise and I´m trying to make a VST made with different samples I took from an instrument.
    There is one thing I would like it to do and I have been searching on the forum before posting, but I don´t really know what words to use.
    Let me explain:
    I have three different samples I´m going to use. I want them to be triggered by the same notes, but I want to be able to choose in the GUI of the instrument if I want sample 1, sample 2 or sample 3 to be triggered.
    Should I use one sampler and three RR groups? Or should I be using three samplers?
    I don´t expect anybody to tell me exactly how to do it (the most details provided will be highly appreciated though 😛 ), but It would really help me if someone told me how should I approach this.

  • Ok instead of searching I did a forum sweep and I think I got my answer here:

    So I guess I´ll try that 🙂

  • For your use case you are better to use 3 groups and a single sampler. Disable the default RR behavior and control the group selection via a script. You want your project to have as few samplers as possible because they take system resources even when not being actively used.

  • Ok, that makes sense, I'll try scripting 🙂

  • The appropriate structure of your instrument depends on what you want to do with the different samples. If you need to route them to different effects, use 3 samplers, otherwise one sampler with 3 RR groups.

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