Call for Documentation!

  • Hi everybody,

    I spent the last days on writing a system that embeds the documentation into HISE. The system is using a subset of Markdown for formatting (I had to write a dedicated Markdown Parser for this).

    The beauty of this is that there is finally a way of contributing to the development of HISE for people who can't write C++ code - which to be honest is the sole reason why people are using HISE 🙂

    There are three things that can be done:

    1. Help Buttons

    There is now a small button that can be placed anywhere in HISE that pops up a help page explaining things. So if you think there is something not self-explanatory (like the Filename-Parser or the funky Wavetable Conversion Dialogue), just write up a documentation in Markdown, post it here and I'll add it to the codebase:


    While embedding real images is not yet supported, the Markdown parser can display icons. So if you eg. create a documentation for a menubar, just write up dummy links and I'll replace them with the proper icons

    2. Extended API documentation

    The Scripting API documentation can now be extended to a more comprehensive description including code snippets:

    If you want to contribute to the API documentation, you'll need to use a meta-formatting markup syntax, that I've explained here:

    Scripting API Documentation Tutorial.

    3. Module Documentation

    Every module in HISE will be documented with a list of all parameters and modulation possibilities (a bit like the abandoned module page on the current HISE docs). I'll need to tidy this up, but then I'll come up with a system similar to the Scripting API Documentation.

    That's it. From now on I try to keep adding the documentation one thing after another, so the more people contribute, the faster we'll have a complete documentation. If you don't want to write things yourself, you can also just come up with a suggestion what is missing the most (eg. a certain API method that you never understood), which will help me (or other contributors) prioritize what should be documented next.

    BTW, I have plans to add this system to compiled plugins too, so you can easily create help popups in your project too using Markdown and a dedicated FloatingTile.

  • Excellent, looks very useful!

  • Great! Very helpful, especially for beginners....

  • Wonder. l I Hope I can use It many times. Thanks

  • Super 😉

  • sick! very helpful

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