Add CC Automation without moving a controller

  • Sometimes you want to automate a parameter using the controller lane in your sequencer but you don't necessarily have a hardware controller for that particular CC number. In this situation you have to temporarily remap whatever hardware controller you do have in order to make use of MIDI learn.

    It would be handy to be able to add cc automation in the MIDI automation panel without needing to use the MIDI learn feature. Currently you can delete automation there but as far as I can see you can't create it (or maybe I'm missing something).

    Are MIDI automation mappings saved with the preset?

  • Yes good request. I'll probably add it to the right click context menu.

    Are MIDI automation mappings saved with the preset?

    Yes. They are also saved with user presets - if you mean that 🙂

  • In addition to the previous suggestion it would also be good if we could edit the assigned CC number. Perhaps with a value edit like there is for the min/max boxes.

    Also the Inverted column has the heading Inverted with the value being normal/inverted. Shouldn't the value be true/false or on/off given the heading? I can see how to edit this in the source code of my local copy but thought it would be better as the default.

  • Bump bump

  • Yes, I am afraid that thing is beyond repair - so much UX failure in a single place 🙂

    Not sure when I find the time to do this right though...

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