Musicbox Sampler VU Meter doesn't show final master output.

  • Hello
    When I make a send fx, I can control the overall volume with a knob (with the master container's ID) but; I can't make a VU meter for overall output (For VU meter it doesn't work master container ID name), it has only one choice, wet or dry signal (acording to dedicated simple gain unit). Is there a way to do it?

    The same problem is in the Musicbox Sampler Example too. The VU meter shows only dry signal's values (not reverbed + dry combine sound).

  • What if you add a SimpleGain module as last effect in the chain and connect it to the VU meter? It should have the same value as the final output.

    Also I wouldn't control the final output with the master gain attribute, as it's prone to crackling. The SimpleGain Gain parameter is smoothed and much more suitable for this kind of task.

  • Since the Routing Matrix splits channels, we need a unit that combines all of the routed + dry channels.

    For example: 1&2 is my dry channel and 3&4 is my reverb channel. If I insert a SimpleGain, it uses only 1 choice; 1&2 or 3&4. I couldn't find a way to combine all of the channels (1&2 and 3&4) into SimpleGain effect. (Shift click doesn't work)

    How can we combine all channels to one channel?

  • Just use a RoutingMatrix to send the send FX back to channel 1-2 and put the SimpleGain Module after this:

    HiseSnippet 1011.3oc6Y0rbaaCDFTRnsdbhqSmzY5Qdn2xjL5mjzdSxV1ximXknH5X2bJCL4ZKLlDPEDzIxuI4VdMxaQdDxL8Tuk2fT.RJSRYTEK+yD6DwSF6xE7CeK1uEBtmf6BggbAxZwsGMDPV2B6LhIGzd.gxPatFxZIbWRnDD1IlVczPRXH3grrJug1f0BUPwOep4pDeByExLgP6votvVz.pLy5vVOg562g3AaSCx81Or0ltbVatOORgmx3pngD2CIG.OknesRXzQT30gHqp3F0ef3vZ6c7JOXhm6wZqrseQ6H2Hg.XxcTgirvVeV8XgW2iJ4BGIQBp4rxpbuQNC3ulk7o2gFR2yGzCpgbTXJwbGtumdwq+aT6ATeudiovPjZt6kQnkSHz6h6R8nmXOiXWN1gcVD4oVqRSCd0xCupFgWMCvCkCcURPmBDbuHehrHxzY1TGTdwj9lLIvBoxQ4y7eUg6cv8nR2AlwaIC3UkntpwaZx+1302eevUlA1J3N+04MSOCaD+gbX4GOoxlFLzG1XLTVDuIamWzETE2SorFgVC7IEXucodxAYFdYKCE9VkufKKSLrUky7VB8hv9FyV3eAGSx2j.b7lfaN.dYbOx0gMD84QRJ6ftDof9F0m6oQANp9ctfBpLF3GpaPowP53p5wZ.4.Lupi6dk5rldrUpyZS3r93wZm0mvYi7NOYfAErEvZDCJQqDVLE+1oKfBJYWEk7WBDVoLmmlvJm47BRX+exr2N0f8FeoyOMUg1O972774BsyEZmKzdEpaLt.2nP6XmFEZKkJpXT2nbpSi5FKjPlKkJSzGNBD6ESk+7XkiTa4Yx9bdfC83wRAu6su8eatFIXnZImZpUiF+SycA4Vpf8KHyHFMgshJMwyUGA.GCpzXtuv6adMRh+qQpxXOw6LQOw52HZJd9OEAJaZOcSwXumglh2B+rH47e7w7dhy6IN+GebZg1kRHyEUxFLH9BIi4weMdr8tjiTmlFXfPSySQ93CW9WI4ybkpu91BBKbHOrvD6.Azs4Lc5Jy3KBAUqz+tuNum2daNQXz0mZ1QsFMFiCQFIh2.sR.OhIuDj7JdQe4d+uf922yWtY4yFbMvfVm9XeKm1Ybcl5DYbkkjNHqA6Sh7kmXMOH6xY7gC3Lpa9M.8AUQ8AG.h7P235YEoj3dXlk61pO3Cj7al+8Vao1DRD4N+2rRE0N6TwzRW+FNAt15BS6uMtS5xeCcmzm+tOXiceJcg59bMuCW.wUvekpihTv80UA+TrEEiwh+Wbs.tqdrcMzQD+nT9MPIj9JWWcZ59Jd0bD0m4HZLyQ7vYNhGMyQ73YNh+Xli3OmRD5tVqDI4AIEsHz+wwyxNe

  • It's not working, because even I use Routing matrix at the end of the chain (before last simple gain), I hear doubled wet signal. Besides when I compile plugin, it crashes.

    And what is the "HiseSnippet..." code? And how can I use it? It's very long and encrypted 🙂

    This is the last chain.


  • A Hise Snippet contains an instrument (basically it is a compressed .hip / .xml file) and is super useful for sharing example projects. Just select everything and choose File -> Replace with clipboard content.

    If you route it back, you obviously mustn't use channel 3+4 in the master containers routing (only ch. 1 + 2).

    What is crashing? The plugin or the compilation?

  • The compilation was crashing because I routed master container as below. Now your snippet works. Thank you so much bro 🙂


  • Nice to hear, but can you post a screenshot of the error? It shouldn't break the compilation obviously...

  • I mean the finished compiled plugin. HISE compiles the plugin successfully but;

    When I open it on a DAW and start to play, the DAW is freezeng and not responding. I understand that this is why that I use above routing on master contaner. Because the channels are conflicting.

    Actually no need to do that, just leave it 1&2 to 1&2 on master container like you do in snipped.

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