serialisation tutorial ...

  • hello !
    is it possible to have a tutorial to explain how to use the dummy licence file and the RSA key pair ?


  • anny chance of tutorial (or better: example project) ?

    it's useful also for commercial product AND personnal product. for example if you want to let some other users test your compiled product (not only commercial products finish their life as warez today, so ...).
    Avoiding finding it on the net without permission. For now all is possible. So it's risky to let other users having your compiled projects without protection...

  • The license key system is totally useless without our license server and unfortunately this is exclusive for commercial projects done with HISE.

    And in the case of commercial projects, I'll take care of embedding this anyway and you will also need a proprietary piece of code that handles the plugin side that can't be open-sourced for obvious reasons.

  • ok
    totally understand all now...

    and just a serial protection code/sheme for Hise (js script) ?

    any link ? (,, or else)

    Even serial protection is the most/quickly "craked" system in few minutes, but ...

  • Well in order to make a reasonable effective copy protection system you need at least access to system specifics to restrict the access to a particular machine (otherwise people will just paste their serial number and you can run it with it), so it's unlikely you'll ever get a halfway useful copy protection with .js alone

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