Different sample maps shared monoliths

  • If I have two sample maps that use the same samples but have different settings, or perhaps one sample map uses a subset of the samples, will I need to create two monoliths of the same samples, one for each sample map? or is there a way to tell the sample map which monolith to use?

  • Actually this is not possible with the current system (the monoliths are kind of hardwired to the sample map with the same ID), but this is a legitimate request so I'll think about it.

    What's your use case? Maybe there's another workaround.

  • I have one sampler with staccato samples and another sampler with the same staccato samples but also with sputato samples. What I'll probably do is put the sputato samples in a separate sampler.

  • What about if the name of the monolith(s) was stored within the sample map XML? then it would be easy to have several sample maps point to a single set of monoliths. I don't know how feasible it would be but it would also be cool if a single sample map could point to multiple monoliths, then if you copy samples from several samples into another sampler (I can think of reasons for this) everything would still link up.

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