Computer Music tutorial (Hise)

  • Hi I'm looking at a Hise tutorial published in the magazine computer music nº 247, Everything was going well until I reached a point where what the video dies can not do, my English is not good, I'll leave some screenshots
    alt text
    alt text

    I do not get that window to change the name to the knob and I could not continue with the tutorial, any suggestions?

    Best regards

  • this tutorial was made with an older versdion of hise. for now when adding slider (or else, just an example). it appears directly and the settings (and the name) is on the right panel.

  • Thanks!
    alt text

    But what I like about this tutorial is that when you rename the knob, a line of code is autocompleted, this is also done the way you say?


  • on your screen (and if you use JSON data) there is = "attack"
    just rename it.

    with the new version at the right panel this is the first label line (upper) and just under the "text" label

  • Thanks mate! 🙂

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