Add somewhat like slices in "you-know-where"

  • While there were problems with long loops in hise i made a prototype of the same instrument within "you-know-what" and feel the memory usage problem when whole sample being included in the s.mod. So, i've made some slices to be used as "long RR" and it worked.
    So i want to ask, if it possible to make several start-point positions to switch between, and use preload for them all, but not for the entire sample?

  • This is currently possible as far as I'm aware. I have suggested something similar in the past though, a great use for this (which is more common I think) is using sustain samples as release samples without having to have two sets of samples.

  • in case of using open-source sampler I'm really sad because of my total incompetence in C++... And there's absolutely no time to learn it next months... Especially when just took a breath of real power of open-source in making quick hacks just for case )

  • I don't think it's viable to add this to the streaming engine, since it's a very limited use case.

    If you use a sample start mod value that is not too high, you might still get the RR effect you need without wasting too much memory.

    For example, if you set the SampleStartMod value to 16384, you have almost half a second of different material, which might be enough to kill the machine gun effect.

    Also, if you use HLAC, memory consumption will drop by 50% (because it uses 16bit for the preload buffers).

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