MacMini questions....

  • Hello,

    I buy a mac mini to export and test my plugins. I only have one question for those who know MAC.

    I took the model with 4gb of ram. The cheapest brief. I wanted to know if it was enough to load big projects in Hise. Is it like Windows and if I miss Ram it will be cached?

    Am I better to find a used one with a core2duo and 8gb of ram?

    Thank you

    P.S. My God for a Windows guy since I was 2 years old, it's really not my thing 🙂

  • I wouldn't recommend anything below i5 CPUs for testing & building. Actually the sweet spot for MacMinis is the i7 model from 2012 (the newest ones are bad because you can't upgrade the RAM and harddisk anymore). You can get the 16GB model with a decent SSD for around 600 - 800$.

    I've bought two of those models, one for actual development and the other one will just become a build server. Good thing is you can also install Bootcamp there and run Windows on it 🙂

  • There is an I5 in the one I bought, but my question was mostly about RAM ... Is 4 gb enough to tell me that I would not buy one in 2 3 years .. ..

    I also saw that I could not add the ram ... Maybe a SSD? I have a hard time believing how slow it is (must say that my reference under windows is 2tb sdd i7 7700 and 32 gb ram).

  • Oh, that's too bad. You seem to have fallen for the latest con from Apple. The mac minis build after 2012 can't be upgraded whatsoever and 4GB will bring you nowhere today. Gotta love these guys...

    You can try to work with it anyway, but coming from such a powerful windows machine it'll be very frustrating...

  • In fact, I have 30 exchange days (thanks bestbuy). So I look at my options. I think I'll try to find myself a mini mac with at least 8 gb! The most frustrating is really the 5400 rpm hard drive. I think it makes all the difference.

    Thank you for helping me. I really do not know anything about MAC!

  • Hello,

    That's news. Problem solved! I went to give the mini mac 4gb and I took in a store next to the mini mac with 8gb of ram. I buy an external SSD and I install High Sierra.

    I had a hard time understanding why people bought mac ... and I still have a hard time understanding why he sells such shit. Anywai, this is not my problem anymore.

    Thank you for helping me, it's a lot smoother now.

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