HISE is AMAZING, but.... any other vst makers? For noobs?

  • I would love to get good with HISE one day, what you have all pulled together is absolutely amazing, im a huge fan, but it is just a little too complex for me, ive never coded in my life.

  • SynthEdit (which I think has a different name now) and Maize Sampler are about the only others - if you want to make good libraries though (especially VST format) then you need to be able to do some coding.

  • SynthEdit is in beta format for 64bit! It's good but it's really too unstable. Especially since the 32 bit modules are not compatible 64 bits .... it loses some interest!

    There is also flowstone, which was supposed to be in 64 bits but never came. In my opinion, this is the simplest if you do not know how to code. On the other hand, it's hard to sell anything in 2018 if the 64-bit is not supported.

    If not, there is always Reaktor. No code, you can arrive at a very good result. But still it is necessary that the customer owns Reaktor ....

    In short, you see that Hise has a head start for VST projects!

  • Yeah, the air gets thin if you want to create VSTs without coding.

    If you just want to create something you can use for yourself, try REAKTOR or Max/MSP.

  • Thanks so much. I've been messing with Maize and it is OK, really wishing it had more effects. HISE is cutting edge and there is a huge need for it, so excited to see where it goes. My biggest issue with HISE right now would be exporting to VST.

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