High Sierra Support?

  • Hello again, first of all,

    So I'm resuming use of HISE now, as I stated earlier in another thread. I have several questions regarding how to further develop a decent looking product, no thanks to the recent release of Hexeract and its apparent ability to load custom samples without granting the user all backend access.

    My more pressing question, however, comes from the fact that I'm a Mac user: are you in the process of making this compatible with High Sierra, or is it at least planned? I personally haven't upgraded yet, and granted, it's partially because it seems most VST's are still not compatible with High Sierra yet, but all the same, any answers about this would be deeply appreciated.

  • High Cyberdyne,

    actually I am still on Sierra on all of my systems, but I didn't hear any complaints yet about High Sierra. Although I am regularly having a good time when I update macOS and notice the most funnies bugs you can imagine. During the transition from El Capitan to Sierra, the code font wasn't rendered and all code editors were just a stupid black box. The fix was increasing the font size from 15 to 16, because the new font renderer in Sierra did only accept a few font sizes for the embedded Google font (eg. 11, 12, 13, 13, 16, 18) 🙂

  • Thanks for the notice about not hearing any complaints from High Sierra users yet. I guess I'll chance it when enough of my other software becomes compatible (I know for a fact Native Instruments products are not at this time).

    Interesting bug you experienced when upgrading to Sierra, though.

  • Yeah, first time I was literally pointing my finger at the debugger and laugh 🙂

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