No sound after locating missing samples

  • Hi there. I'm new to this and collaborating with someone where we try to build something with HISE, so please bear with me...

    This one got me several times already... I received a project from my collaborator in which the paths to the sample audio files were absolute. I managed to resolve the missing sample references through the context menu in the SamplePoolTable.

    After I've done that, I only get sound once I save the preset and load it again. This is quite unintuitive and Iv'e spent quite some time trying to resolve the issue by re-building, playing around with drivers (...) etc. when I should have just re-opened the just saved preset.

    By the way: is there a way to save these paths as relative paths?

  • Hi and welcome.

    Yes. Just make sure every sample is stored inside the Samples subfolder of your HISE project folder.

    If you need to keep them on a separate drive for some reasons, you can still redirect the sample folder, but do this BEFORE you add the samples so it can detect and resolve the relative reference.

  • Thanks a lot, that worked.

    Still, after resolving the sample references, the samples should be loaded, too, I think.

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