Getting constant modulator's value

  • I'm using setIntensity to set the value of a constant modulator for pitch, is there a command to retrieve the current value?

  • You mean something like "getIntensity()"? Nope, it's not there yet, but if you need it, I'll add it (should be a few lines of code).

  • Well the reason I want it is I have a knob on the interface to set the modulator's value and I also want to set it at another point in the script based on a key switch. I was thinking if I could retrieve its current value I would be able to set a new value relative to the current one. I suppose I could probably do the same thing actually by using two constant modulators

  • I would recommend using two mods for this case. There's almost no performance penalty (voice start modulators are very fast) and you don't have to deal with edge cases (what if the delta sum goes beyond the normalized modulation range etc.)

    I'll add it anyways (I didn't need it yet, but there may be some cases where it might come in handy).

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