Send Email or Submit Form with HISE

  • I am Learning HISE via this Forum. Can you tell me how to Write email and send to specific email? Is it possible with HISE? Or is it possible to make a Customer Form Submitting app with HISE? Please show me the detail process. Or a basic idea of Snippet/Project.

    Something like this...


  • For that, you need an endpoint link in your server. If you use wordpress, you can make WP REST API endpoint yourself, and just use the wp_mail function to send the email.

    But sending emails directly from an app or plugin is very risky. Because some email providers may filter that as spam or email never reaches to the other side. The worst, a hacker or spammer can exploit your endpoint.

    So in my opinion, definately it is not secure. For emails, I would use only a link to your website's contact form page, or just write your email adress, that would be enough.

  • @orange Thank you . You explained very easily. I got you.
    Cheers 👍

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