LUFS loudness meter and or readout in hise?

  • I’m trying to figure out how to achieve this and I’m falling flat on my face. I don’t even necessarily need a meter for it just a read out of the LUFS loudness level. I’m sure it’s doable it’s just breaking my brain for some reason thanks!

  • @mwplugs I imagine you'll need a K-weighted version of the signal. Then the hard part might be to record the signal in an array of buffers and analyze the short/long term and/or the integrated. The EBU R128 gives the different timing windows for integration.
    As for how to do this in Hise then the first part would be to use a DSP script and/or a SNEX node but here I don't know where to begin. Then calculating the different LUFS is just a matter of getting the mean value of the length in question I think.

  • i found this but i dont know what to do with it lol