Cannot find Hise Path

  • Hi, just now I've finished working on the first project in HISE, but now that I want to export it as a VSTi, I seem to run into some issues.

    First I got the error: "HISE path not set"
    so then I went to File > preferences > Compiler Settings, and clicked browse to add the HISE folder in program files.

    However, that didn't work, as I got the error:
    "The HISE path does not contain the HISE source code"
    then I clicked: "OK", and another error stating:
    "The HISE path is not a valid directory"
    popped up.

    I went ahead and tried every single other folder:
    HISE master, the HISE master copy still in the downloads folder and even the HISE_ folder located in Windows > Users > (me) > Appdata > Roaming

    I've read through almost the entire forum, watched every tutorial video, but have found nothing to fix this problem :T

    Shortly after posting my problem & after a lot of head scratching and going through the ins and outs of the program, it finally hit me what could solve this issue.

    So to anyone having the same issue; this is the solution:

    1. I don't know why this helped, but it did;
      Manually put all of the files from github into the HISE folder in program file, then windows will say they're already in there, so just select skip and apply to all.
      Then if there are any files that were missing, they'll be put in there

    2. The main thing I overlooked
      Do not use the browse button if it's under the "This PC" directory.
      When referring to it that way, the program gets it wrong, since it's technically on the disk, and not in a "This PC" something.
      So manually put the folderpath in there (you can copy that from file explorer)

  • @MattiesMusic -- its probably talking about this in HISE itself...



  • @Lindon I think the problem was he was using a different version of HISE to the source code version.

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