Script Layer Request!

  • Hello,

    Since the new version, I must admit that I get used to the new interface works.

    I just have a feature request. In the box 'Script Layer' would it be possible to be able to select all the elements (Knob, image, ect ..) and to be able to move all at the same time?

  • How can you get used to the new version, it's not pushed yet 🙂

    But yeah, I will definitely improve the UX when editing controls now that the data model is more clear. It'll include multiple selection, copy from other UI element etc.

    I still need to polish the edges, but I expect it to be ready tomorrow.

  • Ohh! I think that it was badly translated ... In fact, when I say new version, it means last release ... the one that I compile in fact.

    Since you've removed the '' Body '' ... I'm getting used to the new way of working.

  • Aah, now I understand. Yeah, and it gets even better with the new system 🙂

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