I Give Up

  • I've tried every branch of HISE, tried getting help from the JUCE forums and everyone keeps saying what I already know, @Christoph-Hart needs to do the fixes. I know he a busy man, but I must say what others are saying. For now, remove all references to iOS development from the HISE app, the website and GitHub.

    God bless who ever has been able to compile for iOS back in the day, but with the depreciation of OpenGL in iOS 13, the removal of the original iOS docs as seen here, and the sheer fact that Apple has stopped signing iOS 10 as the website claims that to be the last version of iOS HISE supports right now, this seems to be a "had to be there in it's prime" sort of deal.

    I hope everything gets fixed sometime. Perhaps 2022? Got to see how to get my app how I want it to be using AudioKit for the time being. It has a lot less features that I want, but it works and is strictly for iOS.

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