Linux Desktops and audio interfaces

  • Although I've used Windows machines my entire life, and
    the use of MacOS for some early audio production (and now Plug-in exporting), I wouldn't die on a hill for either OS.
    Recently, I've been fully immersed in Linux, adding a mini data center to my studio with virtualization, NAS, Ubuntu servers, etc. If something can be self-hosted, I'm doing it 😁
    I felt that Linux desktops were not as capable as win/mac during my initial tests years ago, so I never really kept up with them.
    Yesterday, I stumbled upon Pop!_OS, which might make me completely change my mind about the subject.
    It's an entire OS designed around Development and Creating, including Deep Learning, Media Production and Engineering. The list of apps is everything I'm using... Davinci Resolve, Blender, MATLAB, OBS, Inkscape, KiCAD, nextcloud HUB...
    @d-healey You're our resident Linux guy. Have you tinkered with this OS? Know anything about it?
    One hangup at the moment is there's not a wide range of audio apps and interfaces compatible with linux. Reaper seems to be the most "capable" DAW available, and I'm not sure about audio interfaces.
    I'd love to know what you guys think and know about Linux desktops and production rigs.

  • @dustbro said in Linux Desktops and audio interfaces:

    Have you tinkered with this OS?

    Nope. But it's an Ubuntu derivative so it will be essentially the same as Linux Mint which I'm familiar with, and Debian which is my main OS.

    For anyone coming from Windows who doesn't mind some proprietary bits I'd recommend Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop environtment.

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