Bug: MIdi Script and Connect module....

  • Just to report two bug.

    The first and most important is that with the latest complier version, the midi script processor no longer works. In fact, all the orders are still there, but impossible to modify anything and I do not see the body either. Try on all projects, it's the same thing. Let me know if you need a screenshot.

    The second, which is even with the previous version is that the right click, connect module is instantly close Hise. Can not connect a parameter this way.

    Thank you

  • hey alex,

    regarding the second one: I think the feature of right-click > connect module has been removed and now works via the property editor. (you can select the modules directly in the property editor. The connection will then be saved in the JSON dump.) -> A lot cleaner 🙂
    but your right, the menu entry is still there and crashes Hise..


  • Hello,

    Indeed, I have just realized that vis menu is everything works well. I did not even see this option, thank you.

    And as for Midi Script, am I the only one to see the problem?

  • This is what it does,

    I want to say that my script is complete, that it works perfectly in the other previous version of hise.

    Can not access my script, if I copy pasted all the script with oncontrol everything works, but as soon as I save and I reopen the project the problem remains the same.

    alt text

  • alt text

  • Hi Alex,

    yeah, I am aware of those. I'll remove the Module Connect dialoge soon, as the method Dominik sketched above is way more robust.

    Your first issue is not actually a bug, but a feature 🙂 I deliberate removed script interfaces that are declared as front interface from the main panel for UI performance reasons it (it was clogging the message queue and stuff became very irresponsive on big projects). Just click on the "Go to scripting Workspace" and then you've got a way better place to write your scripts.

  • OK, I understand. But why not have a choice. If we do not want it, we can only close it no?

    I ask it like that, I got used to it.

    I also know that Hise is in more development and that a lot of things can change. It's only an idea.

  • Alright, I keep it in mind. If anybode else requires this, I'll probably add it back in.

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