New Module in existing instrument

  • I want to add a new module (in this case an Arp) into an existing instrument. The factory presets have no Save data for the Arp, so it loads blank, however sometimes it loads on and sometimes it loads off. There's a bypass button on the interface and essentially I need it to load / be set in an 'off' position, unless the Preset has it saved in the 'on' position.

    Currently the button is off by default and even if it looks off the Arp can either be on or off. It's random.

    Anyone have any clever ideas for this?!

  • You can edit the .preset files and add something like

    <Control type="ScriptButton" id="Button_ArpBypass" value="0"/>

    Where id is the name of the button in your project. Some text editors can bulk-edit.

  • Oh hmm I just re-read the part about the arp being on despite the button state so maybe my solution won't help 😞

  • @iamlamprey Thanks, no it's more that the Presets already exist on people's computers and therefore I can't change them 😆

    I need to devise a clever way that the Arp is set to off unless a Preset says otherwise...

    It seems that if the UI control is undefined then Hise doesn't know what to do and sort of does both randomly

  • @DanH Oh it should be off by default then, I'm not sure why it's doing it randomly...

    Any modules/GUI stuff not included in a preset should either be saving as

    A: their default value
    B: whatever state you export the plugin as

    if it's just randomly turning it on/off then it sounds like a bug

  • @iamlamprey Ok might have found it 😂 I have a second on/off button which actually contains the function (long story).... Should be sorted now thanks!

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