Monolith dont work

  • uh ?
    savemode = 2
    so it seems that for now if i want to distribute my app, i just must put the app file, the presets files (stored in appdata/roaming/etc...) and the .ch1 sample folder ?

    good !!!
    because with .wav files we don't know what user could do with samples (you know what i mean ?), but with .ch1 it's just for Hise app/players ...

    agree with U that it's useful to use Installer for distribute it. i work with InstallForge. Not the best; but free and not so bad 😉

  • Actually, the UserPreset files will be embedded into the app and extracted on first launch, so you don't even have to copy them with your installer, but you definitely need to copy the .dll VST plugin files.

    And I actually added a Sample archiver to HISE which compresses all HLAC monoliths into a split archive for easier distribution to the end user (I'll build a sample installer app that can be shipped with your plugin and takes care of extracting the monoliths and creating the link file).

    I am using InnoSetup for Windows and Packages for OSX, which I've found to be the best, free solutions. There is an example script for the HISE installer for InnoSetup which you could adapt for your plugin.

  • Hello,

    I think there is really a problem with the monolith. My file was already on 2 (savemode) ....

    I admit to not knowing or directing myself!

  • The monolith format is definitely working (it's being used in production already), but I am sure there is some mixup in your project. Can you upload your project folder as zip archive (without the Samples and Binaries subfolder) then I'll take a look? You can upload it on WeTransfer and send me the download link via PM if you don't want to do this publicly 🙂

  • hello !
    it seems i have errors on 3 samplemaps. If saved to 1 (by default it save it to 1) it's ok. If i change the samplemap.xml savemode to 2 => sample.ch1 not found !
    if loading the samplemap.xml in hise => no samples and/or grey samples with start & end sample to 0 = not readable.
    if changed again to savemode 1 => load ok. But it's not monoliths.

  • It's the same here!

  • @Alex = for my part i started from scratch for these samples. i think the problem was the encoding of wav file and/or the information (sample start/end/loop/volume/etc...).
    i re-recorded my instrument. resaved it with infos, and now it's working.

    if samples you use is not from you (on the net for example), sometimes something maybe wrong. I wanted to use net samples (to win time) and in final i had problem. So i put On my instrument and sampled by myself. i was wanting wining time, i lost time... i had a doubt at the begining because i have more than 140 samplemaps and only 3 (not mine of course) had errors, even mines had not.

    that's why i felt the monolith convertion was not in cause.
    probleme solved for me 😉

  • Hi Staiff,

    can you send me one of the wave files that will cause the monolith to stop working, then I'll take a look what causes this.

  • Hello,

    All samples come from me. I work on a vst piano with 3 version; free, lite, pro with 1,4,9 layer and we recorded them directly in the studio.

    The monolith works with 1 and 4 layer, but it seems that for the pro version (9) the file is too big. Yet I reduced it.

    Anyway, it is clear that some things do not work for me. I just did not go to details like monoliths. It's sure I'll lean over the top. I need it.

  • @Christoph: sorry but i resampled it (so erased the old ones and replaced it). the new works. So the problem was the wav file for sure.

    @Alexaudio : Maybe just use 4 layer and use the velocity modulator to control this 4 layer like it could have 9 layer. not sure it will be as good as real 9 layers. remember that old Roland MKS-20/RD 1000 piano had beetween 4 and 8 layers and a velocity layer to map the all 0 - 128 velocity steps. that was causing (in parts) his particular sound and velocity response for a 80's digital piano.
    But maybe with your real piano it will sound as a "digital" piano. So not sure.... just an idea...

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