LFO functionality (Rhythm Editor etc.)

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    Hey Guys!
    There are a lot of functions in here. Won't copy the whole thing but I was wondering if you have an idea how to make something like that "RHYTHM EDITOR" with the settings below?! Guess it's not possible for now. But I would like to hear your thoughts. Something comparable to this?

  • Looks like a sequencer?

  • @d-healey Yes it's something like that. Didn't use tremolator yet but I can imagine how it works. Idk if you can edit the shape of each bar individually but this would be mindblowing.

  • @UD-AUDIO A sequencer is simple enough, just use a timer to trigger samples of the specified duration at the specified interval. What do you mean by "shape", Is that a gain curve?

  • @d-healey This is more or less like a lfo modulator in custom mode routed to a simple gain

  • @d-healey No samples here..it's an advanced tremolo plugin. And yeah, it is affecting the gain.

  • @DanH Exactly! You generally would use a DAW automation to achieve this.

  • @UD-AUDIO Well there are lots of plugin options to achieve similar functionality, LFO Tool is one but there are several others... This looks relatively straightforward to recreate in Hise, aside from changing the shape every bar. I don't know if that would be possible yet

  • Oh it's an effect plugin that dips the volume on and off? Shouldn't be difficult to make.

  • @DanH Totally right! My thoughts...
    @d-healey Simply said yes.

    I thought of using 1 lfo but 8 tables for the custom shape
    which does swap with a timer or something like that.
    Or maybe in combination with an arp?!

    For now I'm using a simple lfo which is totally fine.
    I just want to integrate more special things to it.

  • Just use a timer and a simple gain.

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  • @d-healey just use an lfo set to a table shape...

  • @Lindon How would you control that from a UI?

    set to a table shape...

    Is that in develop branch?

  • @d-healey just with a table

  • This post is deleted!

  • @DanH Oh I see, it's the "custom" table shape.

  • @d-healey Have a look at the LFO waveform combobox. You can use this table if you select "custom".

  • @DanH I've recognized your TABLE CURVES Feature Request.
    Very nice! Had a similar idea today: Drawable automations inside the plugin.
    This is in FL Studio. I also got the maschine software, but it has step automations only.
    Curves are muuuuch better! Love for that ❤

  • @UD-AUDIO Can you show me how that menu works, what happens when you select double curve for example?

  • @UD-AUDIO you can do curves in tables in Hise. Use your mouse wheel while hovering on a node.

    I think a different solution would be preferable, however, hence my post.

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