The definitive feature request & bug fix roadmap

  • Feature request

    It's actually compatibility request. Native Support for Apple ARM cpu computers.

    Basically Done - it's not 100% stable, but I can compile a few example projects for M1.

  • Feature Request:

    Algorithmic Time Stretching for Samples 🤤

  • DraggableFiltePanel problem

    The draggalbeFilterPanel is missing an important function
    I can select the single nodes as a user or no callback is generated when the user clicks on a node.

    Furthermore the user can change the Q-value with the mouse wheel.
    But if there is no mouse wheel - this function is lost.

    It would be nice if in principle the function of the mouse wheel can also be achieved by pressing the Shift key and moving the mouse.

    Thus the draggelbeFilterPanel would be operable as EQ in all functions with the mouse.

  • Feature Request: Sample Installer App that resides outside of the compiled plugin / standalone - but uses the HLAC compression system and writes the link file whilst allowing users to choose unique destinations (and looks a bit prettier than existing install process).

    Thinking about it one could simply make a standalone app that does exactly this with HISE as is, but the current hlac installer process is a real turn off for people it seems (as well as a major plugin distro website)

  • Feature Request :

    • Implement Juce Spectogram & Correlation Meter

  • Feature Request
    * Horizontal and Vertical Scale and Spacing/Tracking of Text Property

    Not possible with JUCE font hinting - You can skew the text and align it with limited capabilities already using the exisisting API calls.

  • Feature Request:
    SLOPES For Filter/EQ Modules 👏 Please Please

  • Feature Request
    * GIF File support (Animation)

    Not possible with JUCE. Use filmstrips instead.

  • Feature Request
    * Custom OSC (Make own and unique SAW,SINE,TRIANGLE etc OSC) & Unison

    That's what SNEX is for.

  • Feature Request
    * Transient shaping FX

    You can create one yourself in scriptnode.

  • Feature Request : A Drum Step Sequencer like arpeggiator module with associate sliderpack component :

    Basic things :

    Pattern length
    Time grid (1/16, 1/32 etc.)
    Magnetism on grid or free
    12 or 16 tracks / sample slot
    MIDI rec input from the keyboard or the drum pad
    Syncronized BPM with Daw or free

    For more, Hise's user can customize it :

    Colors, background
    Volume, pan, pitch on each sample slot
    Drag user sample
    Repeated note
    Drum machine groove
    send CV / Gate
    FX send
    and I must forget ...

  • Bug Fix
    Here are the few bugs found in Gain Modulation>LFO Modulator + Table

    lfo doesn't start exactly at the start of a bar
    spline's slope sometimes goes into the opposite direction when scrolled than usual
    start- and end-points of the spline can be set to not be the same which is prone for discontinuities
    when clicking the start- or end point that can create a new point which can't be deleted anymore then
    decrease in volume when sidechain dialed in without a way to compensate
    not a bug but strongly suggested: add a way to retrigger the lfo manually. especially useful for 3/16th rhythms and stuff.

    Found these when tried to make SideChain LFO with table.

  • Feature Request:
    @d-healey 's Youtube Channel,

    To Be A Part Of Interface Designer 🙌

  • Bug Fix: Start point modulation graphic (blue line on the AudioWaveform) not working

  • @Christoph-Hart

    1 / lfo readhead follow-ups on fx plugin.

    2 / possibility to deactivate the root presets in order to make the preset panels exclusive to expansion

    1. timestreching duplicate

    2. fix that damn preset panel that has a too funky display in preset search mode

    3. possibility to save and export in zip format

    4. possibility to change the colors of the audio analyze according to the frequencies (like rekorbox or serato) low frequency in red for example .......

    5. the ability to compile an audio unit from intel for mac m1 (logic mac m1 will not read audio units compiled from intel) duplicate

    6. add a kind of panel directly connected to a server (it would be enough to enter the address of the image) to display an image. (it already exists in script but I find that it is too complicated and that it works a little when it wants. already there, use the Server API

    7. the possibility of linking a single table to several lfo

    8. the possibility that a button emits noon (for example a button connected to several notes, also activates the keyboard.

    9. I'm done 🙂 each vote = a beer offered to the next ade in Amsterdam 🙂

  • Add File object from absolute path string (I'm trying this one with no success...)
    (allow to easily dump a user preference of file and recall)


  • Feature Request:
    MPE Modulators that function like other Hise Modulators (i.e. do not require the MPE floating tile in order to save and open correctly). The way Hise natively supports MPE is one of it's greatest strengths and it makes no sense for it to require the floating tile in order to work correctly.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Midi Browser and drag'n'drop midi to DAW...Drum Plugins without these features are completely doomed!

    Drag to DAW is possible now using the MidiDropper. You can build a browser yourself with Viewports.

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