The definitive feature request & bug fix roadmap

  • @d-healey
    Thank You David
    by the way i Corrected the Develop Branch Procedure i posted to Compile on Big Sur
    Check the ipp installation!

  • Feature request Add group parameter to the isNoteNumberMapped function to check if a note is mapped within a particular group. This could be an array to check multiple groups or -1 to check all groups (current behaviour).

  • Really strange bug

    UI table connected to global velocity modulator.
    UI knob connected to DefaultValue of global CC modulator.

    Triggered velocity is displayed by line in table when pressing a key (as expected). Moving the knob resets the line on the table (not expected).

    Peek 2021-07-24 21-09.gif

    HiseSnippet 1581.3oc6XssaSbDFdV6rAhgPAJsphpptBUj.IZj2.jDnHgyYrfDrxZB8NzjcGaOJ6Ny1cGGvEgDOEbcutOEbeuoOJ7Fj9OyrdODuJDVAsUk5q77eZ9m+ie1ch3tj3XdDxXltiBIHiyZ5LhIFr5.LkgZuFx3LlB7d9DAIVfVYTHNNl3gLLpuoT.iYlBo97t6uB1GybIYjPnc4TWxinATQF0NsdH02eCrGoKMHmz2pUaWNaUtOeH3L0MahBwt6i6S1FKEqlIxX508nBdji.CNCxXpU3dibFveNSK+tzXJ3nxC1HGvPZxav88jdr76nUGP885L9QGi.i1IKDTWGBtj4VTOZJ8rPw4ULrxzHe7vn1w4d1Uz8Lx4dSocuKX53FQCEYbzoo1LAIpGFRA4cKsrHi2ZtJGDfIlK.uOYiH3PpBWaglMug0sa175+TugLWAkyr3rs4BxiYW65MdYiYZ7pFVGkUudkxSdMQbeeRTorkY8niSwqwFFrGI5FVGf8GRREDd9EiuSexhut5WcNA4r1Lp3wgjjyYY.6Rx.njvFjKpk3gfqHTYhYSxDckMHHJXiSap9tMR4746E7vBrpLFkZk5ZqbtDq33S8HQJybJyGx36MgU1tE5IsWSZHHyl3WfuFRhDTYHwXMxAPGmtLYFy0Hw6K3gvEsJOHjyjuBiS8dc8Wjdg+laqQY29Ma8bpmX.xvz32giCHz9CDxSuANENNj0FL0WYtKwm6REir1h6MzGCoMYrMyKN+68om4Enym2KVpUrXjLMOsRPT.0yymzgGSkkQ4myDKHgNzeED0zzdtlfjr7Ij.b1U71m0JdXudzWnxP8n9AwBvuZG.yePFWz7IwDKORO7PegU79fc7or8Idc4J4SCKuNWXY7E8fVEBMWTOBIqIwFlyEAi3fVQI+yAYM08rqJ0mOlcVQxzIcLaCeNVPY86RSRfegYdREhf14hfsFzJozQWmzv7gjQ6wwQdn85Od96LS644cnTbpfDjQ8vCO7xEoNeBYkvBxKDYB+GuUSUUwViYX9xYaXYcE35dpLhck6ZYeq4ZdCEw0nwg93QO1UfOfrsZB.vuG1OlnE3Q7mCJBztYhFOfpOaO+hZBqNLVvC1LBGNf5FWT6jf5xggDHZCqoJxdEeXWCXtcfvGGX0btEti5yRK0bw6zbQasXc4866SfR5intLkBaIXLhuzgzDgZlcItPkeNORDMjjxcCnuvQVKeDi0Y8wIjIX.y9hDY2z7oLVm4kyAVX1FuJqp7d0x2rdOUywDKUfUai6TyuuStjOggr6J+hE41CFz0MJOHfOfkfMKcIXoifOgt6EL6PEtCJ2eqUh+Jmo+I1eSfTLq4585AUCYN6Tla7yUE+P0bkSqckKatoOeOreV.DlF.dEQii36RXmM41JU.6iA.3edRA.FdhA.ZTuXDo9IaieInnl5e.Pde7qu+xIRMweT6H+.fkVax5pFoK8UNa4X.dutKLWTCIIGs1rC.DNRkxprVi3R2iHKhKVvkbmJar1XHWGMFT4Bo7YpYRyTxo+o6yUO9R1xWgWNBU1KOyn50jo7d8Sa4Dv4hAE6qnsJfnHGXxOIgkJOft9mmCn2gOTBYaKL.3DPrYBIUGXBnKIYedrbocMYdWeto7rLx3PXdpCRvWILskmMRXZOlY9m64zO2yX5.CzU+Re0i8qUmsdJ.9xZSBLpex107i6Cu5a93OtWi8qK.OKNjGWvvNj.ZW.FbbdhRHTQjeQgYqXCBNpTVu69a.OxR0wAKFFoJIWNfOjIJTBVuRSPKBcJm7+mc+zmT3hUb4T5TZGZPnOYcXfpO7ClSlRmLYbL0hE7awY7vAbF0Me0vNDnQse+bycUanJ4wsrP.+phLJWp0NDeBNek8Oz5QPEINp3ZrIiKUG4iwIL28MlZ20R1kZ8uJH+I3K91DzOpgLpeHT5yP8B99wniTBXojnhPOjBLdwKzOV.KAr9kQb0+WC1GGV46VF9m+ek6mIqb+63NBvtQ7m4pwCJa1OshB7tYp+y7YL2Rd1J8+Qzzro5+Ayi9LWWY39GsQnx0Y9JnyMqfN2pB5b6JnyBUPmEqfNKcr5H2bu7PAOP2JBD5rtdxhw5L4XFUUO5ufCUvrE�

  • BUG!
    ScriptWatchTable doesn't show Objects
    Before : Work
    ScripWatchTable Work.gif

    Now: Not Working
    ScripWatchTable Not Working.gif

  • @sakorada Works here (latest develop branch).


    Oh I figured out why it's not working for you. You're declaring your objects as vars, probably not a good idea anyway, use const or reg.

  • @d-healey I just noticed 😄 , Thank you

  • Feature Request Add enabled property to button and slider LAF functions.

    Well it turns out it's really easy to implement so I did it myself, pull request incoming 🙂

  • BUG

    Simple Reverb FX is sending a mono signal out - even when you put a stereo signal in...

  • BUG Can't drag more than 1493 samples from system file browser to mapping editor (Dragging from the internal HISE file browser works fine).

    Seems to just be an issue with one particular set of samples I had.

  • BUG Green loop overlay is displayed in wave editor even when Enable Loop Playback is disabled.

    This thread's such a mess, isn't it time to get a proper bug tracker set up?

  • BUG

    Global Time Variant Modulator => Instant crash when enabling Invert when UseTableis already enabled and vice-versa


    When deleting a modulator node, parameters that were connected to it stay greyed out
    EDIT: In the same vein, when deleting a target node, the cable is still listed in the modulator connections


    Nodes & containers => bypass buttons do nothing

  • FeatureRequest:

    Implementation of the
    JUCE VideoComponent Class
    juce_video " playback

    so that it is possible to load and play videos with HISE.

  • When removing/renaming a DSP network, the old one stays in the project XML, and so is still available in the script/network selector (probably until the script FX/Synth is removed)


    • We set up and use a proper bug tracker application.

  • @Lindon Lol yes this one escalated quickly...

    I think y'all can stop posting feature requests for now - there's enough on that list to keep me busy for a while.

    The only exception to that would be bugs that slipped in between master to develop as these are the most critical ones at this moment, so if you see them, please keep posting.


    Like we have:

    Synth.noteOffDelayedByEventId(int eventID, int offset in milliseconds)

    could we have:

    Synth.noteOnDelayedByEventId(int eventID, int offset in milliseconds)

  • @Lindon Can't you do the same thing with Synth.addNoteOn()?

  • @d-healey - sometime I think Im the dumbest person I know.......thanks.

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