Super Weird - Saving VSTs opens 1 VST?

  • Hey Gang,

    So Ive exported a few VST Instruments that I have created. All with HR1 sample files. All compiles no issue. When I move the VSTs to my DAW VST Folder, the first opens fine and loads samples.

    Then, if I try to open the other VSTs, they all open as the first (giving me multiple instances of the same instrument). If I delete the first VST, I can then load one of the others and load the samples. But then the same issue occurs when I try to open another & so on & so forth.

    All VSTs exported as .vst3

    Any ideas where Im going wrong here?

  • @itsmochajones did you put a unique code per vst? Abcb ... Xbjk ... Myvs.

  • @yall I havent but I can assume thats what it is. Its always something easy that takes the longest to figure out lol

  • @itsmochajones yes very simple. in your project settings. plugin code. by default it is on Abcd. if your plugin is called "Vstinstrument" put Vins for example. look at the bottom also in the project preferences, see must put it 2 times it seems to me

  • @yall thanks! super simple and definitely it. now some arent playing audio but i think its because of the original sample location. is there a way to delete the memory of sample location in your daw in order reload your samples in hise built instruments?

  • @itsmochajones your samples are in ch1 format? you can move your samples and search them from your plugin if you have set a panel setting with the sample relocation option enabled. if you don t have that. I don't mean stupidity but I think it's possible to create a redirect file manually. create a note (notepad) just paste the address of your new sample location. name this file LinkWindows. ( to check) . I know it works with the expansion system

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