possibility of users adding own samples?

  • hi, is it possible for users to add their own .wav's and samplemaps after the plugin has been compiled? the samplemaps seem to be just XML. very similar to .sfz format. here is an example of an electron app that one could use to create new samplemaps and populate all the data with the gui

  • @ospfeigrp No, the sample maps are part of the compiled plugin and inaccessible to the end user.

  • @d-healey It is possible to add other examples of map and example like the principle of expansions but without going through the expansion. in fact, expansion requires you to create presets in that expansion. if I want a single extension with several samples to add in the future I would have to have the preset panel with the name of the expansion selected to have access to the presets. I don't know if you understand what I mean ^^

  • @yall

    I don't know if you understand what I mean

    Do you mean you can add additional content through the expansion system?

  • @d-healey yes, but without going through the extension. I would like to have a 2 column preset panel and not 3 .1 / expansion 2 / category 3 / preset. so install new sounds exactly like the expansion system

  • @yall Are you saying you know how to do this or are you asking how to do it?

  • @d-healey sorry it's complicated nd to explain by translating. I know how to do extensions and installations without problem. in fact I would like to know if it is possible to create an instrument which does not store sample maps. but without having to create an extension. in fact that would be a main extension if you will. this way I would only have 2 columns in the Preset table. and subsequently that the user can install new sounds, new sample maps. because if I keep the original function (without extension) I will have to send a plugin for each new sound and it is binding. I know that it is possible to create presets (root) linked to extensions but the installation would be more complicated. first install the samples with the installer then uplaode the presets from the preset panels. do you understand better? ^^

  • @yall If it's possible I don't know about it. You'll need to experiment and let us know.

  • @d-healey so if you create an extension called "my extension". and that you create presets in the root part. it works. but the installation of the presets will have to be manual because the hxi file will install them in the extension folder. you will then have to copy paste the presets in the users preset general folder. it's been 2 manipulation to do. my question suddenly was to know if with a single installation we could put the samples in the extension folder and preset them in the preset root folder. or do the same thing but without going through the extension system

  • @yall I don't know, you need to try it to find out.

  • @yall i think i understand what you are saying, so you would predefine a "bank" in the presets panel and like i was working on rename samples and samplemaps in extension to reflect that... can you provide a hise snippet to explain it please?

  • @ospfeigrp I don't have an example because I don't see how to do it ^^ on the other hand, you can create an extension and create root presets and not extension presets. This will avoid having 3 columns in the preset panel. On the other hand, this will require you to provide the presets apart from the extension file

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